The leaders and business managers of today are facing the need to meet their quarterly and annual targets by delivering improved performance, cutting costs and tightening control and all that whilst facing an increasing and ever more aggressive competition from developing markets.

Staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is a powerful tool for any organization’s arsenal, but not many understand the different types of staff augmentation and how to choose the right model. This is the perfect place to get started.

HR & Recruitment Services

At the core of Apex’s business is workforce recruitment, a service you won’t find in every company in the industry and one that we have spent years of effort and time to fully master.

We act as your team or complement to your recruiting department and help service processes across a wide range of positions and industry sectors. Our detailed knowledge of these areas increases the number of potential employees you will choose from, meanwhile ensuring the quality of the initial recruitment.

The first step to partnering with us successfully is getting to know your company culture and the needs of our candidates well. We have strong local recruitment networks and our international reach gives us the flexibility to meet and network with candidates in key countries. The end result is finding candidates who are best suited for your positions.