HR & Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

  1. Recruitment of professionals of different fields on all levels, from entry-level to management (incl. CEO -1) positions.
  2. We offer to provide you with an on-site recruiter to assist you in your recruitment processes. 
  3. Another option would be to entirely take over your recruiting process with complete outsourcing – Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

Our candidate selection methodology:

  • Understanding Client needs
  • Strategy planning
  • Active recruiting 
  • Interviews
  • Provide shortlisted candidates to the Client
  • If previous steps are successfully completed – Closure.

Supplemental to the above, you receive:

  • Single point of contact throughout the whole process;
  • All and latest available techniques and methods to attract the best candidates;
  • Application tracking and reporting, regular updates;
  • Possible Assessment Centers to evaluate several promising candidates at the same time;

Trainings and organizational development:

  • Training Due Diligence – depending on the company’s field of business, we analyze and assess what kind of a training program best suits your organization;
  • Design and delivery of Development Centers for key talents and managers to provide specific upskill learning paths;
  • Customized training for your company;
  • Design and development of Corporate Wellness Programs – physical, emotional, work-life balance workshops, financial well-being; 
  • Design and develop internal rewards management policy;
  • Train your future management instead of sourcing it on the market;
  • Payroll Services;

Monthly payroll processing, Registration and termination of employment contracts at the National Revenue Agency /NRA/; Registration of job position changes, documents at NRA; Calculation of additional payments or deductions; Calculation of unused paid leaves, terminations sums, vouchers, shifts allowance, overtime and others; Issue of employment certificates for employees

  • HR Administration – Onsite and/or Offsite;

Administration of sick leaves, vacation requests, other attendance records for the purposes of payroll preparation; issue of employment certificates for employees for various purposes; clarifications on payroll calculation questions, etc.

  • HR Framework Creation:

Work contract templates, civil contracts, annexes, employer’s work regulations, personnel files. Audit of the current employer’s labour relations framework.

  • On-site Payroll and HR Administration services – upon request from the Client.
  • Career Coaching to employees and managers to support them in their career transition, and to ensure your employer brand image is sustained even if you face organizational changes; Change management workshops for managers to prepare them well in advance for significant organizational changes; On-site Career coach on the organizational change announcement day to advise your impacted employees immediately

Payroll and HR Administration:

Team building and event organization

The purpose of team-building activities is to motivate your people to work together, to develop their strengths, and to address any weaknesses. So, any team-building exercise should encourage collaboration rather than competition. 

We offer to help you organize your team-building with a personal approach towards your team, industry, and goals.