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    Wherever you are - we are your prime outsourcing partner. Located in a prime near-shore location, Apex Services Ltd. stands out with a team of enthusiastic professionals ready to deploy the newest technology solutions for your business needs

  • Our team of headhunters will find the best fit candidates and professionals to join your team and help you achieve your business goals.

    •  We are here to help you understand and make sense of the market and the available data in a way to support your vision and help you improve your project. 

    About Us

    Apex Services Ltd is an IT & BP Outsourcing Company which also provides high-quality recruitment services. We also have crucial experience in managing projects related to information management, back-office support, and data processing.

    Our focus is to deliver value to our international partners in both cutting operating costs and provide considerable quality and improvements to operational efficiency and processes. 

    Sofia is one of the highest ranking near-shore destination, so we help our partners with finding the best qualified professionals for the various software and hardware projects, technical support centers, IT departments in companies from all industries, as well as for banking and state institutions. 

    Being a new company ourselves, we help not only big and stable businesses, but also startups, small and medium sized companies in their business and entrepreneurial journeys. 

    We would be happy to assist you and your team in your path towards digital transformation as your trusted near-shore partner. 

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